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    Hi sure hope someone can fix this I used a clipart in one of muy blogs and it somehow went to my sidebar it is a woodwn placque with flowers thank you it is 3rd from bottom in trying to delete it (which it wont) I lost an award. I really need this thttp gone and then I can retrive (hopefully0 the award.
    On anothe glitch I am having trouble getting to the dashboard I can click it and it goes right back to post page with my post also my latest posts are they updated as soon as posted or how long after posting? Thank you for the wonderful help I really appreciate it!!!


    Michael Fields

    In regards to the widget:

    It looks like the url has accidentally been added as the title of the Custom Menu widget. I would moving the url from the title and creating a new Image widget using the url.

    In regards to the Dashboard:

    Could you please provide the exact steps that you take when you experience this error? I was able to access your dashboard successfully and did not get redirected back to the homepage.



    I was able to remove the image thank you for your help on that one. as for the dashboard I am not sure what you mean by ‘steps’ I use my mouse to move curse over blog name on left and click it ..it then opens list I click on dashboard and nothing happens, I have single clicked, double clicked, left/right clicked and it doesn’t always open just goes into little circle spining and opens on blog page not on dashboard. this isn’t all the time but I would say 3 out of five times this happens. thanksfor anything you can do.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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