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    We’ve released an update that fixes the missing the theme font issue when a blog accessed via https.

    Please let us know if it’s all ok for you. (Please clear cache before, just in case)



    Admittedly I’m a novice so keep that in mind with this question. I am using Safari 6.0 and your directions were not for my Safari version. There is no longer an “empty cache” option. I have tried looking for a similar option as to not take your time but I’m not finding it. Again, I’m a novice so what might be obvious, isn’t to me. Thank you for your help.



    Another question, from a WordPress novice, I was worried if I tried reddirtdinner’s suggestion for fixing the issue, all my changes, that being my background color, etc. would go back to the original color which is something I don’t want to happen. Can someone specify what exactly the restore header text will and won’t change. My lingering problem is with the fonts on my header, header graphic, captions and post titles keeps changing. Thank you for your patience and assistance.


    Caroline Moore


    Thanks for bringing that to our attention! I’ll pass this along to our documentation experts. In the meantime, here’s how to clear cache in Safari 6. Click for screenshots:

    1) Find the “Reset Safari” option under the Safari menu.

    2) You’ll be brought to this options screen; select the two options I’ve highlighted and click Reset.

    Can you confirm whether you’re having this problem on multiple computers and in multiple browsers (not just Safari)?

    The Restore Original Header Text option probably won’t help in this case, since you say other areas of your site are affected as well. Restore Original Header Text only applies to your site title and description, and will restore those to the theme’s original text color. It will not affect your header image.



    Hi @oliveshootinstitute,

    I’m just checking in with you. Have you had a chance to try Caroline’s instructions for clearing the cache in Safari 6? Did that work for you? Also, did you take a look at your site in multiple browsers to see if the problem still occurs?

    I had a look in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, and the fonts all look consistent on my end.



    How’s it going, @oliveshootinstitute? Are you all set? :)



    Thanks everyone! I have just followed Caroline’s instructions and appreciate the follow-up. I don’t like the font used on the captions but am concerned about trying to change it and running into problems again. Can you advise?



    If you’d like to change the caption font to be the same as the default body font for your site, then try this custom CSS:

    .wp-caption-text {

    font-family: 'Kameron', Georgia, serif;


    Hope that helps!

Viewing 8 posts - 21 through 28 (of 28 total)

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