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    I would like to have 12 thumbnails on my home page – 9 stickies and 3 others and I had achieved this by setting the number of blogs to 9 on the settings/reading page. However this weekend when I added another sticky it now shows 13 posts on the home page even though I only have 9 stickies. I have searched and read the information you have given others about this issue but am still having problems. I have set the number of blogs to show as 12 but it doesn’t make any difference.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is
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    Chandra Maharzan

    Hi lisasfamilyandotheranimals,

    The number of blogs to show doesn’t take stickies into consideration. If you have 12 posts to show, it will show 12 posts plus the number of sticky posts you have.



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    Thanks for replying.

    I am now confused because if I have 9 stickies and set the number of blog posts to show 3 why doesn’t it show 12 posts instead of 9??

    If I set the number of blogs to 12 (then with the 9 stickies) it displays 14 images.

    What should I be setting the reading number of blogs to to get 12 thumbnails 9 stickies plus 3 latest once again?

    Many thanks for your time.

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    Chandra Maharzan

    Right now, is it set to 5 or 3? I will refer this to the Theme Team. Thanks.

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    It is set to 12 at the moment.

    Many thanks for trying to resolve this issue for me. I look forward to hearing from the Theme Team.

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    Michael Fields

    Stickies can definitely be a bit confusing – especially with grid themes like this – but I’ll do my best to explain what is going on here. Please ask any questions you may have.

    If your blog is set to display 9 posts and there are no stickies, 9 posts will always be displayed.

    If you have one or more stickies one of two things will happen:

    1. All are Older: – If all stickies are older (meaning that they would not naturally appear on the homepage) then they will be added to 9 set to display on the homepage. If you have 3 stickies, + the 9 most recent posts the homepage should show 12 toal posts.
    2. All are Newer: – If all stickies are newer (meaning that they would naturally appear on the homepage) then they will be moved from their natural location to the top of the post list. The actual number of posts will not increase or decrease. There will still be 9 posts on the homepage.
    3. A mixture of Old and New: – This is where things can get really confusing. If 2 stickies are new and 1 is older then there will be a total of 10 posts on the homepage. The two newer posts will change location and the older sticky will be moved to the homepage increasing the total number of posts by one.

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    Thank you so much for responding to my query. A brilliant explanation which has enabled me to get the front page I want. All is now clear – many thanks :).

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