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    I formerly used Coraline but as we need to add meta tags into the header, and the code didn’t work in a free theme we decided to purchase one of the premium once, as my co-author said she had already worked with WordPress themes with other people and the code worked in their blogs. So we purchased a Simpler Time, then I tried to insert the code, saved it and went to see what the page looks like and unfortunately all these <> brackets and stuff are just visible :(
    What’s going on? Are we doing something wrong or is it the code itself that is not correct? We used this website to get the code:

    We’ll also have to use HTML withing the body of the entries, is there such a possibility there?



    Hi there,

    Adding code of this sort is not allowed on Please see the following documentation for more information:

    You cannot modify the meta tags on, but you can do that with blogs that are running off of the software:

    You can insert HTML into your posts. The allowed tags are listed on the above documentation.

    Hope that helps.



    thank you, I’ll get to reading then

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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