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    Im ThemeMin, the widths of my images have changed by themselves. They have always been 900px wide. I hadn’t updated my blog in a month and when I looked at it today all images are 560px wide. I did not change anything. Can someone point me in the right direction to figure out what has changed? Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi @jccrtv. This thread shows up as Resolved. I just want to confirm that you are the person who marked it Resolved and that your problem has been solved. Cheers.


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    Hi Phil, thank you for checking. It is resolved although it resolved by itself. I noticed the problem for a couple of days and within an hour or so of my posting the problem, all my images appeared again at the correct size. I don’t know if anyone did something nice behind the scenes with a template version, or that it’ close to Halloween, but all is right again. Thank you again for checking :)




    Excellent, Jim. Have a wonderful week.


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    Phil, it’s happening again. All my images are appearing as 560px wide instead of 900px wide. Verified in both Safari and Firefox. This happened a couple of weeks ago for no reason and then resolved itself for no reason. Would you please take a peak. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated. Again, I changed nothing and all images were displaying 900px wide for the past year:



    Hi Jim. I’m terribly sorry about the headaches and will look into getting to the bottom of this. Expect a message on Thursday from me. I’ll need to test the theme a bit to figure out what’s going on with it. Thanks a ton.



    Okay. I see exactly what’s happening here. The custom content width that you’ve set on your Custom CSS page isn’t being respected. I’ll roll out a fix for this on Thursday for you and update this thread when it’s all set.


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    Thank you in advance!



    Hi Jim. I’ve rolled out a fix for this but I’m not entirely convinced that it’s going to fix everything 100%. You’re setting a custom content width on your Custom CSS page, and the fix that I rolled out makes sure that things like Tiled Galleries , Post by Email, and other plugins work on your site. The problem, though, is that ThemeMin uses a hard crop for its featured images:

    add_image_size( 'x-large-feature', 560, 261, true ); // Used for x-large feature images above the post

    For whatever reason, your images flip from 900px (your custom content width value) to 560px (the featured image value defined in ThemeMin’s functions file) and I’m not sure why that’s happening, unless you set some images as featured and others as just part of your normal post content, which would perfectly explain what’s going on. If you set a featured image, it’ll probably always show up at 560px but if you insert an image into your post then it’ll probably show up at the custom value that you’ve set.

    Anyway, I’m going to keep digging and testing and see if I can figure out exactly what’s going on here. I’ll update this thread within the next several business days if I end up finding more information about the cause.


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    Thanks Phil. Do I need to add that code to CSS, or change anything on my end? Again this hasn’t occurred before this past month. The images have always been 900px per my CSS. It’s possible something changed i an update?



    Do I need to add that code to CSS, or change anything on my end?

    Nope, you’re all set Jim. I doubt this has anything to do with you as it’s suddenly happening on your site with no intervention. As I said, I’ll get back to you super-soon on this. There are 3-4 different possible causes in my mind and I want to test them all. Have a wonderful Friday!

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