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    I have not heard from anyone and I posted 6 days ago, I understand with all the new items being worked on it may take a little time but as I have had this same problem for a couple of months I think it is time someone address the issue and stay with it until it is cleared up. I am not satisfied with the blog being looked at and then remarked as :everything looks fine” It is not fine if iI have to keep coming back here to complain. and now I can’t get photos to post WTH??? there are multiple problems with this theme evidently and either they need to be fixed or I should be given a refund for this premium theme so that I may purchase another!!! grrrrrrr



    Hi Len. I’m sorry for the late response. The entire theme team has been traveling during the last week, and I am doing my best to catch up with all of the threads in this forum.

    Based on our last conversion, it seems like not much has changed in terms of you have problems posting.

    I honestly do not think that this is a theme issue, because I have tried multiple times to reproduce these issues and have been unsuccessful. That said, if you are unsatisfied with A Simpler Time and feel that it’s causing you problems, please switch to a new theme and try to post; if problems persist, then there must be a larger issue that’s going on.

    At this point it’s the best advice I can give because I have tried every which way to reproduce these issues without any success.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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