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    I upgraded my theme from Journalist v1.9 to Newsy. As I expected, the process presented many opportunities to question why I’m doing this. At the end of the day, I’ll keep the new premium theme.

    Here are issues I experienced:

    1) Of 6 browsers I test my blog with, only 2 [Chrome & Safari] proper display my columns and pages. There is no mention on browsers in the hype to sell. My blog with Newsy does NOT display properly in IE, Opera, Firefox, of Sea Monkey–the latest version of each.

    2) Newsy works with Microsoft Live Writer. Neither WordPress native editor nor Live Writes gives a preview of how the article looks in the 2-column format. I think we should have that feature.

    3) From the descriptions for the various formats available, I thought I’d have more flexibility with page layout, e.g., 2 narrow sidebars, versus one narrow and one wide. The option is neither of wide, left or right, or one of your choice. Having the theme and rereading find what is written correct. It just seemed that this theme has more..

    4) I have a support ticket with a question on placement of share icons in the title bar. I included a graphic showing Newsy with them displayed, yet I find no way to do so. The same graphic shows the word “search” in the search box, but this version does not have that.

    5) I’ve tried to use my CSS upgrade to change article heading line spacing. The theme uses 19px. Reduce it 1px and the heading collapses on itself. I’ve used my CSS upgrade on 2 previous themes. It worked, not here. I am able to my with it.ake changes with the font upgrade.

    6) Picture sizing for the 2-column format seems unpredictable and uncontrollable. I have not figured out how the theme does the resizing, Your pictures will be sized for a full-page. This seems to be the case in the native editor as well as Live Writer.

    7) I think you are best starting with a “few” articles rather than the near 3K I have. I would be nice if one’s older articles could be locked as full pages and the new ones in the format the author wants.

    I’ve found no “real-word” feedback on this theme. These are my experiences from my first day blogging with it. Now, to see what my readers think. I have published an article introducing them to the change. Again, Newsy is a keeper. It just took longer that I wanted and I have matters to resolve.

    I placed a copy on this as a comment Newsy Introduction Article. I searched for feedback and found none. There are items here that may warrant inclusion in future updates to the new theme. My support issue [share buttons] in the header has been submitted.



    The blog I need help with is


    I’ve made some modifications to the Newsy Theme using CSS. Visit and copy the code, if you want the same mode for your blog–just leave a comment, please. Thanks! –jim



    Hi James! I’m going to mark this resolved since we’ve communicated via email about all of this. That said, I am very, very pleased with all of your feedback and thank you very much for giving it. Please start threads on this forum if you need more help with Newsy. I noticed a few email threads through our contact page about Newsy from you; you’re guaranteed to received speedy responses from the developers of the theme (us!) if you just use this forum, since we’re always here. Hope you had a great weekend!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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