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    before anyone guffaws..i’m new..using ‘newsy’ template..since i am currently challenged by the definitions and hierarchy distinctions between “parent category”, “pages” and “categories”–i’ve gotten as far as creating pages..i think, but not sure whether i’ve properly created categories (without a ‘parent’ for any of them)..and simply trying to figure out how when posting an update, that update appears on the front page, but also on the designated topic page that appears on the menu bar….suffice to say, i’ve made a bit of a mess and could use a hand…thanks in advance!!!

    The blog I need help with is


    No guffawing on this end, wbc6600. We all begin with WordPress at some point or another. Awesome to have you aboard.

    I just looked at your site and it’s fine. For the difference between Posts and Pages, which I think you already have down, keep the following URL around for reference:

    For Categories, keep this URL handy: Basically, you really don’t need a parent-child Category unless you plan on doing something like this:





    If you just want to file your content and have it accessible in that left pulldown then just keep everything a top-level Category, for example:





    Doesn’t really look like you’ve made a mess at all. A few minor adjustments should set you straight!






    OOPS..HIT SUBMIT TOO SOON…have almost gotten my arms around your great pointers and pointing me to more info..although still scratching my head about how to map the main menu bar labels to the categories..looks like i did something right after updating (2) of the prior posts (which seems to have properly found there way to right place when clicking on main menu bar “people profiles” …..tried to replicate those update steps for a few others, but didn’t seem to do it right….but the posts did appear in when interrogating the drop-down menu on left menu bar i.e. “category archives”…..i’m too old for this stuff lol..only other thing i am trying to figure out is widget in the template that would allow for “contact us’ and facilitate viewer ability to drop a line….if you felt like talking me through it, i would think i’d need no more than 5 minutes..and i’d be happy to reciprocate in appropriate manner! jb



    I’m too old for this stuff lol…

    Tell me about it. These old man aches and pains of mine are no joke. {:-p

    Only other thing I am trying to figure out is widget in the template that would allow for Contact Us and facilitate viewer ability to drop a line…

    There are a few ways to do this but the best one, in my opinion, is the Contact Form Shortcode. So, in your case you could add an HTML/Text Widget into the sidebar that uses the following code:


    [contact-field label="Name" type="name" required="true" /]

    [contact-field label="Email" type="email" required="true" /]

    [contact-field label="Website" type="url" /]

    [contact-field label="Comment" type="textarea" required="true" /]


    A better method, IMO, is to just add an HTML/Text widget into your sidebar that links to a Contact Us page that contains the contact form. I’d avoid putting the form into the widget area because of clutter.

    Let me know how it goes!



    thanks..will take a stab at it….still trying to figure out how to map postings to the pages that ‘display’ on the main horizontal menu bar..seems to be working for one of the “categories”, but not others..unable to replicate what i did right for “people profiles” ..but when i make an update and select “ETF News”..and then go back to main page and click on the horizontal menu bar, it leads me to blank page…but when i use the drop down menu on upper left and select ETF news, the posting does appear properly…what am i doing wrong?



    while trying to answer my own question..i broke it somehow creating a new horizontal menu item (add new page)..and duplicating an existing title…now i can’t delete it..and worse still..i “broke” the horizontal menu bar item “etf news”..and when clicking on, it displays an oops messge…all i am trying to do is get the ‘categories’ to display in that darn menu bar (blue background) so that it all segues properly (posts appear on main page..and when/if a viewer clicks on a title on the blue-background horizontal menu bar, they will go to the archives page for that ‘category’…help oh please :) jb



    “Pages” and “Categories” are two different concepts and let’s make the difference clear first.

    “Pages” are static pages and are not listed by date. this is a good example of a page.

    “Categories” are used to group related posts together. More information:

    If you want to show posts that are grouped by a category (ex. ETF News), you want to add the ETF News category (not page) to your custom menu. The reason you get “Oops..” message is that you’ve added a page called ETF News which technically doesn’t exist. You might want to delete it from the menu. To delete, you can click the triangle on the right which expands the menu item and you just hit Remove.

    I took a screenshot with notes and I hope it clarifies how to do.

    Please let me know if you need further assistance.



    thanks much..deleting the existing items from the custom menu..i’ve just done the heck do i get the “categories” into that blue menu bar? I managed to do it for ‘people profiles’..but i don’t recall how the heck i accomplished that..



    “by george i’ve got it!”..working beautifully now! many many thanks from an old codger!




    You’re welcome!

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