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    When I add a post to my blog (, there is an icon to the left of the title. When I hover my mouse over it, it says “Permalink to <title of post>”.

    Will the icon look like this for every post or is there a way to change the icon for different types of posts?

    Can I use a custom icon instead of this default icon?


    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Straken,

    You can assign different post formats to your posts in order to change the icon.

    Post formats generally reflect a post’s content and the icon you’re referring to will follow suit e.g. A quote bubble for the Quote format, a linked chain for the Link format, a clapperboard for the Video format, etc.

    You can read a little more on post formats, including steps to assign one to a post, here:

    Outside of changing post formats, there isn’t any other built in way to change the icon with this theme.

    Let me know if that helps out or if you have any extra questions.



    Hi Straken,

    As an extra note to my last reply: You could also upload your own custom icons to your site’s Media Library and use some custom CSS to replace the default.

    Are you familiar with CSS? If not, you can find a good introduction and information on how it’s used at here:

    After you have uploaded your custom icon to your site’s Media Library, navigate to the CSS section of the Customizer and paste the following CSS:

    .post-format-icon a {
    background: url(https://your-custom-icon.png) no-repeat right;

    Replace “https://your-custom-icon.png&#8221; with the File URL for your custom icon.

    The above will replace the default icon for the Standard post format. If you’d like to have custom icons for other post formats, let me know and I can guide you with further steps.

    I’m happy to help with any other questions, too.



    Okay. I had been thinking of using different icons for different types of posts since I have 3 different “types” of content that I focus on:
    1. What to do
    2. How to do it
    3. Why we do it this way

    All of these are delivered via standard blog posts so it sounds like I would be trying to squeeze 3 icons into a space where there is currently only 1.

    But, even if I did pull it off, the three different icons would be a fairly subtle means of communication and I doubt most readers would even notice.

    I think I will stick to the more obvious organizational tools (categories, tags, static pages with themed lists) for now, but it is nice to know that there are customization options available if I dig deep into my CSS knowledge (or more likely, my daughter’s CSS knowledge).

    Thanks so much for the responses, Siobhan.



    Hi Straken,

    You could also target specific post categories with your CSS. For example, to target posts that have been categorised in “education,” you could add “.category-education” to the start of the CSS snippet I previously gave:

    .category-education .post-format-icon a {
    background: url(https://your-custom-icon.png) no-repeat right;

    We’re very happy to help with specific CSS if you’re comfortable experimenting with it, too. Let us know.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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