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    Hello! I would like to know how to set the complete default look of the Theme, exactly like it is shown in the live demo. I tried to do it by the short setup on the Theme detail page, but it does not provide all functions and design items.

    Can someone please help how to do it?

    Thanks a lot!



    I had the same issue, but ended up just building each piece by myself. It’s really intuitive once you start playing around with the Dashboard using the Live Demo as your guide.



    As far as I go, I successfuly set the main image. Without a button though… I would really like to see at least some tips how to establish the default look of the Theme, since I found it perfect for my needs. Thanks in advance for anything!



    Hi there. The demo site of Forefront provides a great deal of information for achieving the demo site look of the theme, but if there’s any confusion on how to make certain parts of the demo site come alive on your blog, I’ll be happy to help you figure that out. Can you let me know which parts you’re having trouble with and which parts of the demo site, if any, are confusing to you? Thanks a ton.



    Philiparthurmoore: Thanks a lot for a reply! I hope that I will not be asking too much, but I would love to do it step by step and learn from it by the way. This is my first premium theme and it is used on my first blog since I ended blogging in the 2009, so I’m bit behind of all new stuff here. I admit, I feel confused a lot – with most of the themes back then you just took your pick and then filled up the content. You can imagine my surprise with Forefront.

    So please, if you have any time, I would like to know how to set the working main image with a button linking to a page. Next thing is the middle part with three different columns (demo uses “responsive design”, “custom page template” and “social media integration”) Another big concern is working “recent news” exactly like it is show in the demo. The Testimonials are not required right now. The footer are like it is shown in the live demo is also a must for me and I do not have a clue how to make it same.

    I know I’m asking for a lot, so if you will not find a time to reply to a confused old blogger, I will understand. Thanks a ton in advance and with eternal gratitude, Provlast.



    Do anyone know yet? I would really like to start up this project. Thanks!


    Michael Fields


    To create the button, you will need to add a link to the end of your front page and then give it a class of “button”. First switch to the Text Editor. You should see something like this near the bottom:

    <a href="">Button</a>

    This is an example of adding the class:

    <a href="" class="button">Button</a>

    Middle part with three different columns

    To create this section, navigate to Appearance → Widgets and drag 3 Text widgets to the Front Page Widget Area One box on the right side of the screen. Add your content to each widget and they will appear on your homepage.

    Recent news

    Add a Recent Posts widget to the Front Page Widget Area Two box on the right side of the screen. Set the Number of posts to show: option to 3. You should probably drop a Text widget in here as well to replace the “Testimonials” section in the demo.



    Thank you so much, now most of the stuff is set and ready to content filling. Thanks again!


    Michael Fields

    You’re welcome! Inspired by your questions, we’ve went ahead and added some in-depth instructions. You can view them here:

    Are you all set on this? Can we close the ticket as resolved?



    @provlast: How’s it going for you? Do you need any additional assistance with this?



    Hello all, so today I set everything exactly as I wanted, so I think we can close this thread as successfully resolved. Thanks again everybody for your help, thanks a lot!


    Thank you, enjoy!

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