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    I am new to WP and in the course of trying new things I inadvertently deleted the original background of the A Simpler Time. I liked it and haven’t been able to restore it which necessitated me changing the background and now I can’t get the background words to show up because the text is all white. So questions:

    How do I restore the AST background?
    If I can restore it, can I slightly reduce the color? I wanted a softer green?
    If I can’t do any of that, I need to change the text background, can’t figure that out either.

    Thanks for your help. Super frustrated

    The blog I need help with is myawesomeoliveshoots.com


    Howdy @oliveshootinstitute. If you’d like to restore the original background that comes with A Simpler Time then you can go to Appearance → Background in your WordPress Dashboard. The default background is an image so you can’t change it with CSS; you’d need to upload an adjusted background to make any changes. Cheers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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