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    I’m having a few issues with React theme:

    1. In the grid page, I want to make the caption on the full size of the image. I managed to do that, but then the caption is not clickable. I tried to use pointer-events:none; but it won’t work.
      If i could put the caption inside the element, it would fix the problem, and i actually think this is the way it should have been in this theme from the first place…
      Do you have any solution for that?
    2. I got responses that when viewed on some mobile devices (Samsung 10.1 tablet) there is no X to get out of the gallery carousel view. There is no way of getting back to the grid page when using these devices…
      Any idea how to fix that?
    3. on iPhone 4 the X is there, but the comments are not shown.

    Thanks a lot!
    looking forward to your comments!

    The blog I need help with is dafihorowitz.wordpress.com
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    Zack Tollman

    Hi there!

    Unfortunately, I cannot see your site given that it is hidden. I am not sure if the issues you are experiencing are related to the theme or another WordPress.com feature. Is it possible for you to remove the restrictions from the site or show us a screenshot of the issues?

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    Oh, sorry.

    Ok, now you can see it.


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    Zack Tollman

    Hi there!

    Thanks for sharing your site!

    I am moving this support request to the general forum as this question is specific to one of WordPress.com’s carousels. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with that feature.

    A WordPress.com staff member will be happy to assist you.

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    Can you please tell me where is the new thread?

    Also, what about the first question about the grid view? is that also a specific feature of wordpress?


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    I’m still not sure where is the new thread?…

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    Michael Fields

    The new thread is here: http://premium-themes.forums.wordpress.com/topic/few-issues-with-react-theme

    The address of the thread does will not change when moved.

    We are looking into the tablet issue that you reported. I’ll post back here when we verify.

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    Michael Fields

    Hello again, I was wondering what happens when you tap the black area of the Carousel while using the Samsung 10.1 tablet? This should close it.

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    Michael Fields

    We’ve been able to verify that you can close the Carousel overlay in a Samsung 10.1 tablet by tapping on the black area.

    Regarding the comment form in the iPhone. This is intended to be hidden in smaller screens.

    I’m going to move this back to the React forum so that the theme authors can help you with the remaining issue (#1).

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    Michael Fields

    Looking over issue #1 again, this appears to be a Square Titled Gallery I tested out your site on Chrome, Safari, and IE9 and I was able to click the caption to open the Carousel. Are you using a different browser?

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    Thanks michaelfields!

    Yes, indeed the caption is clickable, although the pointer doesn’t look like it. I just added cursor: pointer; to the .tiled-gallery-caption class.

    I’ve got two more questions:

    1. in the Square Tiled Gallery mode, is it possible to change the transition effect of the caption? right not it kind of pops from the bottom of the tile. I’ll prefer the image to dim (i already did that by changing the opacity when hovered) and the caption to show instead of the image.
    2. Is there a way to disable those annoying tooltips that shows the image title when hovered?

    Thanks a lot for the reply!

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    In the Square Tiled Gallery mode, is it possible to change the transition effect of the caption?

    I’m afraid not. This is done by JavaScript.

    Is there a way to disable those annoying tooltips that shows the image title when hovered?

    No, this is browser-specific behavior and not something that can be controlled.


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