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    one thing that I didn’t know until after i bought this theme was how large the featured image would be.

    the problem is, the featured image that is connected to the blog if one does the showcase view is really small. That looks nice and I don’t want to change it. but for instance when my posts are being viewed under a specific category and no longer on my blog page, what a person sees is now the very very large featured image followed by the title of that post. What’s more, because usually I use the first photo in my post as a featured photo, they are seeing this same photo twice.
    when I remove the featured image option, the smaller features that I like on my blog, turn back to orange squares and there is no preview there.

    I’ve been searching for two days to see if can i make the featured image smaller than it is when it is being viewed on pages other than my blog page?

    if no, how are others liking this super large featured image above every single post. I find it quite distracting and less than a clean appearance.


    The blog I need help with is attachedtoparenting.com


    This is a really good point, @lacierader. We’ll make some adjustments to the theme based on the Theme Option chosen at some point within the next week or two. I will update you as soon as fixes have been rolled out. Thanks a ton for the suggestion.



    thanks phillip! can’t say i’ve ever received that much of a receptive response when it came to blog problems :) thanks so much for updating me. I look forward to not having to work around this issue anymore. it’s a bit misleading to show the showcase option without stating that categories will still come up as standard and letting people see what that looks like.

    if you look at my blog now and others who use this theme, you can see how we cheat. It took me many hours to make my categories look decent once clicked on. I had to make my top picture different from my preview picture (even when I didn’t want two photos on that post) and then had to make my first picture that all my posts have, smaller and placed to the left to avoid the standard view which would show the preview and the first blog picture back to back with one on top of the other. not only is this ugly, it was hard to see where my post began.

    it’s a bit misleading to show the showcase option without stating that categories will still come up as standard and letting people see what that looks like. i’m sure it was unintentional but a simple “turn off preview” option that doesn’t affect the blog showcase style which most people love, or a different preview style altogether for standard would be a huge improvement.


    Caroline Moore

    Hi @lacierader! Sorry for the delay there, but archives and search pages in Petite Melodies now use the Showcase format if that option is selected. :)



    You’re awesome, @sixhours. :)



    funny, “you’re awesome” was exactly what was going to be typed out when this page loaded and there it was. and yes “you’re awesome.” that looks much better.

    showcase choosers are probably not into the long post bloggy look and would prefer it no where on the site, but even if they were that gigantic preview picture really doesn’t work once you put a picture at the top of your post. eye strain so even if that alone had been changed it would have been a huge plus. the main issue was that this wasn’t shown to us before buying it.

    I love this new look and I think my users will too.


    Caroline Moore

    Thank you both! Happy to help. :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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