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    I don’t seem to able to save changes to fonts.

    I’m using On a Whim and the Custom Design upgrade.

    When I change fonts, the change shows in the Theme Customize previewer, I click save, but it doesn’t actually appear on the blog. Also, at the moment the Custom Design font page is showing the changed fonts as active, but they aren’t actually on the blog.

    I did notice the Custom Font Previewer on the Custom Design -> Fonts tab doesn’t show the changes as I make them – it changes the listed font in the drop-down at the top, but doesn’t show this change in the preview panel. It sometimes also gives a message about a problem with loading the preview and to start over.

    Can anyone suggest something obvious I’m missing?

    I’ve tried making changes in both Appearance -> Customize and Appearance -> Custom Design, and neither seems to work.

    I can make changes to custom colours and menus.

    I’d be really grateful for any help because I’m kind of baffled right now.

    Thank you!



    Um, never mind, I’m an idiot.

    My browser has an anti-tracking plug-in on, and apparently it thinks adobe are evil, so wasblocking the fonts coming from typepad.

    Which is sort of funny, but not really a problem wordpress can fix!

    Sorry for that, ignore all of this, and if anyone wants to delete this, please do!



    Hi there,

    I’m glad you were able to get this worked out. Thanks for sharing your solution in the thread; it may be helpful in the future for someone else who may run into the same problem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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