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    David Boles

    Do you have any idea why Boles Blogs is rendering a customized Elemin theme differently in Firefox for Mac than in Chrome or Safari on the same platform?

    I wrote an article about the issue — including screenshots:

    Boles Blogs Browser Wars: Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Safari

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

    David Boles

    It looks like this is fixed now in Firefox for Mac — and everything looks great under all three Mac browsers in question!


    David Boles


    I’m back! Now it looks like blockquoting in the comments is not getting formatted.

    Here’s my comment with the blockquote that didn’t take:

    Making it a Crime to Rat Out the Police

    Here’s a reader pointing out the problem:

    Boles Blogs Browser Wars: Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Safari

    Is there a styling fix for this with CSS or is this a behind-the-theme matter that can be tweaked? I am tempted to go edit my comment and put the blockquote in quotation marks, but I won’t for the sake of you seeing how it looks in situ.

    Thank you!



    Hi David.

    Thanks a ton for the detailed report.

    With regard to font rendering in Firefox, which version are you using? In Firefox 19, everything looks as it should:

    For blockquotes in comments, I’ve taken care of the styling inside of the theme.


    David Boles

    Thanks for the reply!

    Yes, the Firefox problem was solved as I mention in the reply to myself before the one you answered. SMILE!

    I see the Blockquote is now styled as expected — but take a look at it in action in a new post I just put up:

    The Ravens Win Super Bowl 47!

    Does the italicized blockquote font look tinier to than the regular post font? I ask because I increased the default font text size for my articles to make it easier to read, but it looks like the blockquote, while styled right, is still pulling the tinier base font for the theme.

    On another, odd, styling note, when Safari loads my blog the first thing the morning, the fonts are not styled — just like the previously reported Firefox problem. Forcing a reload gets the CSS to fall into the browser and load — but it’s still curious that font package doesn’t happen by default on the first non-cached load of the day under Safari.


    David Boles


    I just edited my comment in the article URL I just mentioned in my previous reply to add some italicized text to compare it to the Blockquote text and, it too, looks incredibly smaller in font size than the default-larger text font I chose for the blog.

    It’s a “Hmm” moment for me.


    Michael Fields

    Here’s what I see:

    Do you see something similar?

    If so, I think it may be a quirk of the font used here. You might want to try the following custom CSS to boost the size of the font:

    .entry-content em,
    .entry-content blockquote,
    .comment-content em,
    .comment-content blockquote {
    font-size: 15px;

    Please let us know how this works for you!


    David Boles

    Yes, that’s just now it looks and you fixed it! That CSS workaround worked! THANK YOU!

    Will this be resolved on the backend with this theme, or do I have to keep an eye on this –and any other font/size changes — I make in the future?


    Michael Fields

    Glad to hear it!

    This issue is more of an inconsistency in the custom font itself rather than in the theme. I checked everything and both the blockquote and body text sizes are programed to display at the same size. Somehow this font displays italic text about one size smaller than normal text. This could be a design choice made by the font creator.

    IMHO issues like this are best fixed via CSS.


    David Boles

    Excellent! Thanks for the tip and the recommendation on how to handle these matters in the future!

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