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    The Toltz Group

    Lifestyle theme:

    I cannot change the background of my blog. I go to the appearance and then click background and the page is a bunch of type that does not look like any other pages.

    I also tried to upload it to my media library but there is no place to select the image as background.

    The blog I need help with is
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    Under Appearance -> Background is there not a box to choose the background color or upload an image?

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    The Toltz Group

    Yes there is. However, wondering if there is a problem with the page. I click on that and the page is full of a weird menu and bunch of jumble.

    I then scroll down the bottom and can see that button. If I click on it nothing ever uploads. I must have done this 20 times over and on different days.

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    Michael Fields


    I just took a look at your Appearance → Background screen and everything appears to be working for me. Could you please try another browser? I’m having issues logging in with Safari at the moment. Also would it be possible to post a link to a screen shot of the Background Screen so we can see what you are seeing?


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    The Toltz Group

    Changed over to Firefox and at least the wording is all lined up versus the jumbled mess in Safari.

    However, still cannot upload image. I can however upload it fine to my media library but there is no place there I can find to set the image as my background.

    Here is the link to how the page looks (from Firefox browser):

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    Michael Fields

    Thanks for uploading the screenshot! It looks like the stylesheet is not loading for the admin screen, which is strange. I’m going to check with some of my colleagues and see if they have heard of similar reports.

    For the time being could you try the Customizer and see if that works for you? To access this press the “Customize” button in the Toolbar.

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    Michael Fields

    BTW< I’m going to move this thread to General Questions because it is not specific to the Lifestyle theme.

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    The Toltz Group

    Thanks! I just assumed it was Lifestyle specific.

    I have tried several times uploading the background image under the “customizer” bar and that does not work either.

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    The Toltz Group

    Is there a place or way I can just go in and enter it through an HTML code? Not too familiar with HTML but if you can give me instructions and where to do it I can handle that. I do have the image uploaded in my media library so do have a URL.


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    Michael Fields

    Is it possible that you are accessing via a proxy? I asked around and there haven’t been other reports of the stylesheet not showing in the admin screens.

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    The Toltz Group

    Sorry, not sure what that means.

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    Michael Fields

    No worries, just a guess.

    I’m wondering if you are experiencing issues with any other admin screens or if it is just the Background screen?

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    The Toltz Group

    Nope, only problems with the background screen.

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    Hi @thetoltzgroup. Are you still having issues with this? I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem but wanted to check in. Thanks.

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