Can I create custom menu on nav bar for my posts (Lifestyle them)?

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    I uh, guess there’s no Lifestyle forum.

    My blog is for book reviews and I have to have some way to make them accessible other than through the search box. I’ve seen other WP blogs use drop down menus on their nav bars have them organized by categories (I have all of my reviews tagged by grade, author name and other things).

    What I’d like to do is have two different/separate tabs on my nav bar, one for finding reviews by grade, one for finding reviews by author. I already have my reviews tagged by grade and author so it’d be easy enough to run through them all and sort them.

    Obviously the grade tab would have the different pages for A, B, C, D and F reviews and the author name would just be a run off of the alphabetical list.

    I hope that makes sense. It does in my head anyway. I guess I want to know if it’s possible or if I’m wasting my time thinking about trying to get it up on the nav bar. I need to come up with something better than just the archive and search function though.

    Thank you!!

    The blog I need help with is
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    It’s here:

    Tho I just noticed it;s not listed on the side of the main page….

    As for menus – you can put links to your tag archives on there. :) Just use the custom link box and the tag archives address.

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    Thank you so much, you’re wonderful! I was playing around and making notes for a couple of days straight and I think it all turned into a blur. :) I’ll need to get a fresh start at it in a day or two when my brain works again.

    I’ll make sure I bookmark the Lifestyle forum, I found it before, not sure how I missed it this time…

    Thanks again!

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    Did you see the help docs on Menus? :)

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    I did – and very, very, very early this morning, I created some spiffy new menus for my review links on my nav bar, exactly the way I wanted. I had completely missed the Custom Links section on the Menus page which is crazy considering how much time I’ve spent in there.

    It’s always something that was so easy if I had just spent a little more time thinking about it. :)

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    It’s always the little things.. :)

    (they make me smack my forehead too)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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