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    Lance Willett

    Learn all about Basic Maths on the Theme Showcase page.

    The Basic Maths grid design offers several layout possibilities for your content. Even though the theme works smoothly without any intervention on your part, you may still want to achieve a special look by adding extra classes to HTML markup in your posts.

    Note: These extra classes are meant to be used by site owners who feel comfortable using the “code” view in the post editor and who have a basic HTML knowledge.

    You can create “div” elements and add classes to them such as “leftcolumn”, “rightcolumn” or “topcolumn” to achieve different looks. See this demo page for examples and a code snippet.

    When adding markup to your posts, be sure to close the HTML tags to avoid layout issues.

    Note: These classes are mostly meant to be used on pages rather than posts, since you get better results with a wider body content area on pages.


    In the same way you can create “div” elements with classes you can also achieve different layout options for your images by adding classes to them. We have an exhaustive example page for you to examine.

    Hanging content

    There are even more possibilities if you want to be adventurous with extra classes:

    “hang-2-column”—Adds a wrapping element for floating content 2 column to the left.

    “hang-1-column”—Adds a wrapping element for floating content 1 column to the left.

    “no-hang”—Adds a wrapping element for adding non-floating content.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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